Top 3 Favourite Ingredients

Top 3 Favourite Ingredients

Usually, I’m all about diversity, range and trying new things.

After all, no-one likes to eat the same thing all the time.

But, the other day I was knocking up an everyday favourite; Italian tomato sauce.

And it got me thinking.

What if you could only pick three ingredients you couldn’t live without?

You were stranded on a desert island, which three foods would you want to keep you company?

In a time where many people have a gazillion options to choose from in supermarkets, can you really narrow it down to just three you really love?

As I had the ingredients laid out in front of me, the epiphany came to me – DOP San Marzano Italian tomatoes, great garlic, and aromatic fresh basil.

tomatoes garlic basil - 3 fantastic ingredients.jpg

Those would be me three top picks for the all-time combination of ingredients.

So versatile, so tasty, so top of their game.

Makes you wonder if the Italian flag is red, white, and green in their honour (maybe mozzarella in place, or alongside, garlic for the white?). Turns out the red’s supposed to symbolise sacrifice, white for peace, and green for prosperity.

Oh well, you still can’t beat the combination of tomatoes, basil and garlic, I think.

Sure, there’s a little sea salt, ground black pepper, olive oil in there too; but these are the bit parts. It’s top-flight tomatoes, basil and garlic that make up the key elements.

It’s also something of a discovery to realise that these are all vegan options – for a meat-eater anyway.

It’s not the meat that makes the meal, it’s the sauce seems to be where we’re headed. And that’s bang on the mark.

A great sauce crafted from top-notch representatives of these 3 elements stands alone as one of life’s creature comforts; with or without meat.

It’s something I couldn’t do with wine. There are so many grape varieties, so many different interpretations of what they mean, so many incarnations depending where they’ come from; picking three would be an impossibility.

Yet, with food, I really couldn’t do without this holy trinity.

What three ingredients would you pick?

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