Winespeak: "passionate"

Winespeak: "passionate"

One of the most overused words in wine, or anywhere else for that matter.

You'll find passionate winemakers, drinkers, merchants all trying to tell you they love their wine so much.

Just as you've so many job applicants around the globe who are all passionate about XYZ and really, really want that job.

We all get the idea don't we? They're trying to tell us that their "passion" makes them that little bit more driven, pushes them to go that extra little bit further, than their competition.

Thing is, that's a given. Or at least it should be. If a winemaker isn't "passionate" about what they do, with only one chance a year at doing it (one harvest, one chance to make a decent wine), they're highly unlikely to be employed for very long.

If your wine merchant isn't interested in providing better bottles than can be found on a supermarket shelf, then they're unlikely to be in business for very long.

If you really, really enjoy and like wine, and use the word "passionate"... well, then you need a thesaurus.

And if you've got one, just look at some of the synonyms for "passionate":

erotic, hot, lascivious, sexy, steamy, wanton, aroused, amorous, turned-on, sultry...

Does a bottle or glass of wine really do that for you?

Do you need to get out quite a bit more?

Be enthusiastic, mad about, fired up, crazy for, or just love wine.

But please, save passion for the bedroom where it rightfully belongs.

Trust me, the passion comes  after  the wine's finished

Trust me, the passion comes after the wine's finished

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